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Vidhema Technologies is a leading NFT development services provider that helps you reach out to many NFT platforms.


Blockchain App Factory's NFT Platform Development Services

Vidhema Technologies provides the best NFT solutions that help you create your NFT platform with robust technology. Our NFT development procedure offers high customization privilege and allows you to become a swift runner in the NFT pitch. You could easily avail the services of our trust NFT Development company.
We render a robust token development platform that empowers high traffic and withstands fatal failures. Blockchain Application Factory offers military-grade security for your development procedure. We assist with 24*7 support to provide uninterrupted services. Blockchain technology is named for transparency; we inherit similar functions in our ecosystem. Each process in the development process stages will be clear and transparent.
Scale-up Your Online Business
We at Vidhema ensure a pleasant working environment so that we can smoothly interact with our clients. We concentrate on setting up an online store of your business to enlarge its reach to larger viewers. Scale-up your online business with the help of our best eCommerce web solutions.

Our NFT Development Offerings


Utility-Based NFT Marketplace

Build your own NFT Marketplace to make the NFTs helpful to the audience in the most extraordinary and incredible ways. Adding real-world utilities will provide excellent circulation and liquidity of NFTs, making them advantageous for the customers. No matter what it is, be it a discount, voucher, or any particular item, utilities will for sure add unique value to the NFTs.

NFT Multiverse Platform Development

Multiverse NFTs are the link that connects the metaverse to the actual verse. The Multiverse platform user can use the NFT assets acquired to convert them into tangible physical assets, and the multiverse made this true with an extensive acquaintance. The multiverse would be a real turning point for connecting the metaverse and the real world.

Play and Earn with NFT Games

This allows the user to earn some rewards by simply contributing to the game and advancing to the higher level of the games. For every next level they reach, the players are rewarded with cryptocurrencies. Also, they get some in-game assets such as avatars and accessories in the form of NFTs, which could be traded on secondary marketplaces.

NFT Development Platform

The company that provides NFT Development services enables the tokenizations of collectibles to digital assets. Each token has its unique features and specifications, non-exchangeable and non-interoperable. Ethereum's standard ERC-721 protocol is common for NFT tokens that are non-exchangeable, and ERC 1155 enables the creation of semi-fungible tickets, which are new in the evolution of the marketplace.

NFT Art Tokenization

As the name suggests, artists play an essential role in NFT art tokenization with their signature creations. Digital arts are trending in the NFTs marketplace by allowing the creation of AR/VR, and this technology makes the art distinctive to gain a position in the market. These digital arts are gaining popularity in the industry and act as a primary point to levitate NFT marketplaces.


NFT Marketplace

The NFT marketplace is counted as a profitable niche for business development in the crypto world. NFT's unique characteristics and specifications make enormous industries a successor in the market. NFT marketplace provides NFT tokens for unique collectibles such as games, assets, art, virtual land that attracts a broad audience towards a virtual environment. Gamers and fantasy lovers are the vast audiences for this Unique token market.

Our NFT Development Types

NFT Launchpad Development

The way technologies are growing, the traffic in the network increases, and its service charges increase too. A marketplace that builds NFTs charges a lump sum amount that affects the selling cost of NFTs, and this directly affects the artists and other creators who have adopted this modern technology. We offer productive solutions with the NFT launchpad that stipulates the specific page for the creators with their domain name. This NFT launchpad provides authenticity and transparency for their creations with vast business traction at a low service fee.

NFT E-Commerce

Modern technology advancements entice the business to adopt the most expensive digital assets in the blockchain network. The humongous attraction towards these NFTs and their business transaction glides the ecommerce industry towards blockchain technology to sell Non-Fungible tokens. Many autonomous ecommerce enterprises have recognized the traction of NFTs and adopted to deal with NFTs on their platform. Our NFT development company has expertise in blockchain development, supporting modernizing your ecommerce business with advanced customization and technology to sell NFTs.

Decentralized Finance and Non-Fungible Tokens

NFTs are the latest and trending platform that is getting advertised in decentralized finance. It is reported that NFTs witnessed millions of dollars in the first week of the sale.

It regenerates future growth with exciting trade investments in the market. DeFi mainly concentrates on enhancements of the financial markets. This DeFi ecosystem turns the NFT assets like decentralized land or real estate and collectibles into effectively priced and appreciated widely crypto assets in the DeFi landscape.

The Non-Fungible tokens can represent as collateral for exchanges. At the insurance time, each contract is converted into NFTs for trading on a secondary market.

DeFi boosts the liquidity of Non-Fungible tokens. It converted NFT from being an expensive proposition to tradable funds. Also, it helps in enhancing the dimensions of collaterals.

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