Redefining the social media world with Threndx app’s unique features


Threndx is a social media platform application with the aim of connecting friends and family from around every corner of the world.

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    Social Media Platform
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    1 Year

Who is the client?

The client is a serial entrepreneur who wants to have a social media application in this online world. He wants to build his business by having a social media application platform of his own.

Purpose of the Client

The client was looking to have a social media platform where he could let people connect with their families and friends. He came up with the idea of having a platform where he could make people connect from around the world making it more unique by adding a few extra features to the application. He has made sure to have an engaging and user-friendly application for the users.


Users can get to connect with their family and friends and interact with them via this application.


The users can earn some monetary rewards by writing personalized blogs and posting them on their feeds.


If any user wishes to record audio while using the app, they can do so and then post it to their feed to receive the feedback and reactions of other users around the globe.


The project was new to the world of social media apps. Most importantly, it was very difficult to have an application of this nature to bring it out in the competitive world. The main task is to drive towards the Threndx app in this online world. It is therefore a challenging task to make this app more interesting by implementing some of its unique functions. There are many apps available online that are in a fast phase of development and receive more users every day. This app was created to make it easy for people to connect with loved ones around the globe.

Driving users towards the Threndx application in this competitive online world is the main task to perform. Therefore, making this app more engaging by implementing some of its unique features to it is a great task to fulfill. Furthermore, many other apps are present in this online world that is working at a rapid phase and have more visitors on a daily basis. With the help of this app, people should connect easily and hassle-freely with their loved ones from every corner of the world is the main purpose to build this app. The other challenges faced by the client are:


There were no apt features included in the app to engage users.


The users were not getting enough analyzed data to fetch the details of the concerned person.



The client reached out to Vidhema Technologies for its mobile app development team with a request to create an app for social media with more intuitive, user-friendly, and unique features which are simply absent in other apps that are already available in the market. The client was looking for a trusted and proven strategic IT solution provider company with expertise in the mobile app development domain to execute his concept into a viable product.

As expected by the client, the app developers at Vidhema Technologies have also worked rigorously to bring together a new set of features such as can record audio, featured posts, and writing personalized blogs, etc. that are simply absent from other popular social media applications. All such features have been added to the Threndx app, leveraging the industry-leading technologies for iPhone and Android app development.

To make the Threndx app most suitable for targeted users such as youngsters and older people, Vidhema Technologies mobile development team build the Threndx app right from scratch, combining all useful functions like chatting, voice calling, able to add posts and follow and unfollow the users in a button-based app interface. The app has been designed to work as a connecting world together depending upon the user’s needs.

Vidhema Technologies and its team were always available to assist the client of Threndx with his dilemma regarding an app. We promised the client that we would complete the task within the deadline and deliver the project on time. We provided a solution for the client that would make the application work according to his plans. Our solution was worth the effort for our client's app.


AI features are implemented to make it smart in the competitive world of social media apps.


Chatbots were implemented to help the users connect with customer care for assistance if any issue persists.


Users will get notified if some other fake user tries to logging their account in their absence. Also, if someone is in trouble that person can send a notification to other users via this app.


Users can also share their live locations via the Threndx social media app.

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We started the journey of building the application 1 year ago and over that period we have been able to develop great and unique features. Currently, we can add friends, follow users, comment on posts and create posts, chat with friends, and write personalized blogs, add pages, groups, and stories. After having discussions and starting working on the project, we manage to keep the features that are unique and new to the social media world.


Availability of Web Application which includes Admin functionalities and other functionalities for both devices.


The solution has the capability to add all the information that is required to know a person.


Both web-based solutions and mobile-based solutions are used by multiple users who are using the app on multiple devices.

Technologies and Tools

App Features / Web Admin Features

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    Users have the option to record the song and upload it to their profile. This will allow them to reach the largest audience possible to share, like, comment, and share their posts. People can give reactions whether they like it or not.

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    Personalized Blog

    Users can write blogs and articles on any topic of their choice. Even they can leverage the monetary rewards if their personalized content performs well on their feed.

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    Featured Post

    Users have the option to pin their favorite post to the top or upload a new image and pin it there. This will become a featured post in their feed.

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    Story View

    While viewing the story on other social media applications, users usually have to hold the screen to view the full story, but in this app, there is no need to hold the story from the hand.

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    The app offers a variety of language options. You can browse or use the app in any language you are familiar with.