A wellness application for your pets. All your pet’s requirements at one place. Give your pets a healthy, safe, and happy lifestyle.

Pets and Joys

The main motto behind the Pets and Joys application is to make pets live healthy, safe, and happy life. Pets and Joys is an application for pets to relish the life of pet owners. The application allows pet owners to schedule an appointment with the veterinarian, order pet food, and manage all the information about their pets. Also, via this application vets can suggest and add medication and prescriptions for pets if they want to.

The client is from South India and wanted to have an app in the concern about pets and their owners.

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    6 Members
    Developers | Designers | QA | BA
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    Medical, Ecommerce
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    1 Year

Who is the client?

The Client is from South India and wanted to have an app where pet owners can effortlessly schedule an appointment with veterinarian doctors. This could improve the health of their pets and they can get timely medications and vaccinations.

The Pets and Joys client works with veterinary professionals to help pet owners manage their pets' medical care, pet adoptions, and more.

Purpose of the Client

The Pets and Joys application is a business app and was developed to take care of pets. This app can be used by veterinary professionals as well as delivery boys. This specific application can be useful for both in terms of user experience for:

  • Veterinarian
  • Delivery of Pet Food and Products
  • In the client's view, it is easier to locate doctors via the app or in person but it becomes very difficult to find veterinarian doctors through the app or in person.

    As the app had a feature that businesses use to add products for the customers. But, the client wanted to have an Admin Panel where vendors can list the products and services for the customers.

    The customer has to schedule an appointment 14 days in advance to visit the clinic or to take the consultation via the app for the health checkup of their pets. Once the customer takes the consultation from the veterinarian regarding their pets, they have to make a payment before consulting for the second time. Only after making the payment, the pet owners can take another consulting appointment with the veterinarian doctors.


    The main challenge faced by the client is that initially, the application is used to provide the information through business to the customer. They wanted to convert it and have to create an Admin Panel to list out the products and send them to costumes.

    The client wanted to have features such as


    UI/UX has to be effective and engaging.


    The application has to work fast according to the user's requirements.


    The implemented features have to work accordingly with rapid action.


    The application must include all the information about the pets and their owners and must save all the data.


    The prescription or medication can be provided by veterinary professionals and must be sent to the pet owners.



    The Pets and Joys client came across Vidhema Technologies to modify the application to make it user-friendly and engaging. The client was searching for a company that could provide them with satisfactory solutions while adding new and useful features to it. Our adroit developers executed everything according to the client by making the application intuitive, engaging, and user-centric.

    The application already had a feature for communication and food purchasing. We gave the solution to have the one-to-one chat feature and to add the delivery by delivery boy option in the app.

    The features implemented by our team of prolific developers were:


    Remote Consulting

    Here the customer can ask questions related to their pets' health and related to other concerns. The veterinarian doctor will answer their questions in minimal time.


    Food Delivery

    Customers can order pet food, pet medicines, and other pet stuff from the application and the delivery boy will deliver the products to their doorstep.


    Adoption and Virtual Adoption

    Through the feature of Adoption, pet lovers can adopt their favorite pets via the application and sign them in as their pet owners.

    With the help of the Virtual Adoption feature, pet owners can make a virtual adoption of any pet they want. After the virtual adoption, here the pet owner does not have to bring the adopted pet to their home; they can only have to pay the monthly amount to the charity or to the concerned person.



    With the help of this feature, the client will be notified about the vaccinations of their pets. They will get prior notification about their vaccinations and the pet owners can take their pets to the veterinarian on a timely basis. Meanwhile, there will be no sacrifice for their health.


    Prescription and Medication

    This feature is for doctors or vets, if they want to give any advice or medication for someone’s pet they can provide them with the help of this feature. It will be beneficial for pet owners as they can go through the prescription via the application at any time from anywhere.


    According to the client's requirements, our team of developers implemented all the features accordingly. The features that were modified worked well as per the client’s plans.


    As the application went live for the audience, the result was pretty good as there were many downloads done for the Pets and Joys app.


    The reviews from the users were well related to the app and the pet lovers enjoyed browsing the app.


    Via the application, the users save a lot of time as they get notified when to visit the vet again.


    The application had a great number of downloads in the South region of India.


    The UI/UX of the app was built as user-centric where users will be able to navigate it effortlessly.


    The speed of the app was measured while keeping in mind the SEO and it had to be mobile responsive too.


    Implemented features worked effectively and smoothly.

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