Rejuvenate your style statement with Cynthia Rowley's clothing line.

Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley is a leading global provider of fashion and trendy clothes. The brand anticipates the taste of its customers and makes the best signature clothes for them. Cynthia Rowley’s main motto is rooted in empowering women.

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    E-commerce & Retail
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    35 Days

Who is the Client?

Cynthia Rowley is an e-commerce website built with a multi-currency option. The client is based in New York City. Cynthia Rowley began her career in fashion while studying at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Cynthia Rowley is based in New York City and sells the collection across the world. The brand offers a spontaneous spirit and actively redefines the edge of fashion. They inspire women to take risks and live freely with all confidence and enthusiasm.

Purpose of the Client

Cynthia Rowley came across Vidhema Technologies to build their website from scratch. Our team of proficient developers developed the website by implementing all the required features. The client wanted to have a website with user-centric features that should be unique while keeping in mind all the trends.

The aim of the client is that the website should be able to grab the attention of customers and users at the maximum phase. There are many clothing e-commerce websites available in the market, Cynthia Rowley's website should be effective and engaging as per the audience's taste. They wanted to include the multi-language option as they are associated with various geographical locations.


Cynthia Rowley’s main challenge was related to the features and design of the website. The client wanted to have a website that could bring maximum customer satisfaction and engagement to the brand. As Cynthia Rowley is a brand itself and very popular among the customers, they wanted to build a website that can be impactful for the users.


The UI/UX of the website has to be impactful so that users can spend quality time navigating the website.


The website must include the feature of multi-currency as the website is an e-commerce platform with different language options. The brand’s website must include features while keeping in mind the various locations around the world.

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Website Features

The payment gateway of the website was created with three major gateways:

  • GrabPay
  • PayPal
  • eNets

Similarly, the Cynthia Rowley website has the Loyalty Club feature where the customers get loyalty points after they make a purchase.

The loyalty club feature includes various clubs to make points for your purchase. With these ways, the customers can unlock some exciting perks for themselves.


Loyalty Club: This feature will benefit the customer with exclusive rewards after entering the loyalty club.


Gratitude Points: Customers can earn gratitude points for the actions they perform on the website. Later, those points will be converted into awesome rewards.


Referrals: Customers can refer the website to their family or friends and claim their own reward when they make a purchase.


VIP: This pass will give access to customers for exclusive rewards. For this, customers have to reach higher tiers to get more exclusive perks.

The other features implemented by our team of adroit developers were:

  • Multi-Language: The website was built with various language options which are beneficial for customers from around the globe.
  • Social Sharing: With the help of this feature, users and consumers can easily share their favorite outfits on their social media platforms to promote the dress as well as the website.
  • Gift Card: After making a purchase, users will receive a gift card as a reward for their purchase.


The website developed by our team of developers was appropriate according to the client's requirements. We implemented the features in the e-commerce website according to the targeted audience.

The solution was provided by our team of developers after researching the latest trends and designs. It was the perfect solution as per the clothing brand and we implemented the features and strategies accordingly.


After Cynthia Rowley's website deployment, the website gained a lot of traffic and engagement. There was an increase in the number of customers and users on their website. Cynthia Rowley did well after the launch of the website. They had tremendous growth in the e-commerce world.

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