Top Reasons to Choose Swift for iOS App Development

Technology / September, 08 2020


Everything you need to know about Swift for app development is here!

Swift has changed the course of the iOS app development industry. It is a highly intuitive programming language for Apple operating systems like iOS, macOS, and watchOS.

The language has opened new doors to entrepreneurs to make their idea work which was impossible for a long time. Earlier iOS app development used to be time-consuming, difficult and the frequency of app crash was higher.

Before Swift, iOS app development was mostly done with Objective-C, a subset language of C with added object-oriented features to it but app development using Objective-C was tough.

So, why is Swift still preferred for iOS app development?

Many developers believe Swift to be better than its competitors, and we too, have no doubts about it. Swift brings along many benefits, which makes it popular among every mobile application development company to create apps for all Apple products.

Major Features of Swift

There are a lot of methods to evaluate a programming language and two main features are – Syntax and Capabilities.


  • Syntax


Syntax refers to the set of rules and regulations that underline the order and inter-dependencies of words in a programming language.

Swift was originally part of objective C but now there are a number of difference which has increased over the years, in regard to the method invocation methods, conditions, cycles, the declaration of constants, classes, and enumerations.

To conclude, the structure is significantly simpler than that of Objective-C. It has the capability of providing out-of-the-box user experience and thus takes your business to the next level.


  • Capabilities


Objective C is the integration of open-source dynamic libraries these contain the ready solutions for routine tasks and allow decreasing the size of applications, saving space in the memory of user devices.

Why choose Swift for App Development?

Swift by Apple is a ground-breaking programming language for iOS, watchOS, and, OS X, which can help develop apps that run flawlessly.

Swift ensures secure and safe coding. As, it easily eliminates all risky code classes and, ensures to create a protected environment to create a stable solution.

Let’s take a look at a few key points of Swift for App Development:


  • Fast and secure



  • Objective-C interoperability



  • Interactive and collaborative playgrounds



  • Leverages the power of the open-source



  • The cutting-edge error handling model



  • New, updated, and reliable syntax features


Top 5 Reasons to choose Swift for App Development

Owing to the concise yet expressive syntax Swift helps in developing iOS apps easily. The advantages of using Swift for app development do not end there.

Have a look at the top reasons why most of the mobile app development companies choose Swift for app development and India and all over the world use Swift.

1. Easy to read and write

There is no doubt that as Swift has a very clear syntax, it is mostly easier to read and write than most languages. Programming languages used in app development demands high and complex command lines for intricate solutions. Swift, on the other hand, is concise and can reduce LOC making programming more efficient and faster. The code which is written in it is usually concise as compared to code written for Objective-C, which makes software developed using Swift, run smoothly and quickly.

Also, the method and function call in Swift uses a comma-separated list of parameters within the brackets, which clearly makes coding in Swift a lot simpler and cleaner.

Since fewer lines of codes are required for complex tasks, code reusability is high and thus a lot of time is saved since developers can remember which part of certain code can be used without any change in another part or even the project.

2. Easy to Maintain

This is one of the main reasons why most developers prefer iOS app development using Swift. Objective-C is very much dependent on C, but Swift does not have any such dependencies, which makes it relatively easy to maintain, and developers love this. hire ios developer C, as well as Objective-C, needs developers to have two code files in order to increase the build time and code efficiency.

Swift does not follow the same pattern. It combines these two files into a single code file known as .swift, which makes Swift easy to handle and manage. This gives time to iOS developers working with Swift to spend more time in planning the app logic and enhancing the quality of their code to make an app run effortlessly. Objective-C formerly used for iOS app development extensively had one big problem.

In this situation, Swift programmers can utilize this time to create app logic and improve the quality of their code, etc.

3. Open-source

Swift has been declared as an open-source, which changed the face of the language to a great extent. Being an open-source language makes Swift free for use as you do not have to pay anything. This acts as an added advantage for both small scale and large scale businesses as it saves the iOS app development cost.

After the declaration, Apple allowed swift to be used for various purposes. Apple also receives feedback from the community and has been making changes accordingly. Swift also supports Linux based platforms making the platform diverse.

4. Safety and stability

Every entrepreneur wants their app to be safe and secure. Developing an app with Swift is a great option for any mobile app development company, looking forward to creating a safe and stable mobile app for its clients.

As Swift uses clear and easy to understand syntax, it excludes the chances of mistakes that are usually be overlooked in Objective-C. Swift has comparatively fewer crashes and cases of problematic behavior, which is why it is considered a more stable language for mobile app development.

It reduces the chances of developers making mistakes in writing the code, thereby adding another layer of quality check for your app. All these reasons make Swift a safe, secure, and stable language to work upon.

5. High Speed

This is one of the topmost reasons why Swift is so popular amongst iOS developers. It has various speed advantages, be it during the development phase or the testing phase, thereby reducing the cost of app development. If we talk in terms of numbers, the app developed on Swift will be about 3.9x faster than an implementation of the same algorithm in Python.

Also, Swift is faster than Objective-C, as the latter uses two code files as compared to Swift which uses a single code file, making it faster. Many developers consider Swift’s performance equivalent to C++, which is considered one of the fastest development languages. When introducing Swift in the market, Apple has clearly stated that its main focus was, to improve the speed, to run the app logic much faster.


Swift is relatively a new programming language and takes a lot of useful components from Objective-C while also bringing a whole new host of features, allowing developers to write safer, more reliable code. It has quickly become the leading programming language for creating engaging, user-friendly mobile apps. Swift is relatively a new programming language.

But the kind of momentum it has gained in this short span of time is unimaginable. iOS developers and those who wish to learn Swift language must understand one thing.

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