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Technology / April, 19 2020


Performance, scalability, and efficiency are keeping a programming language in demand. PHP web development is one of the best website development languages along with the Laravel framework, which is excellent for enterprise apps. A programming language is secondary, but your logic is a primary thing. What keeps the software active to utilize its functionalities and features for development objectives?

Regular updates of software versions with advanced features to improve robustness, reusability, and reduce the complexity of development maintains developers’ interest as it is and customers’ first choice for the same technology. Laravel framework is in the top list of the PHP MVC frameworks.

Recently PHP’s latest version announced named is 7.4.0 RC5. It will release soon around the month. Also, Laravel has announced the freshest version that Laravel 6. Laravel is the most on-demand PHP web framework which has gained popularity, holding a packaging system named bundles. Laravel has the same architectural patterns as the Symfony have, and it is an alternative option of the Codeigniter framework.

Is PHP still in demand? Will PHP endure in 2020?

The answer is yes. Several programming languages exist, and still stronger like C++. Reason to choose PHP because it boosts simplicity, raised programming talent, exceptionally works, and so on. PHP is a server scripting programming language, and it continues successfully for years. Mostly, PHP has been using for website development, and the PHP community has launched many standards, code, outstanding frameworks, ready-made applications.

According to developers, PHP is easy to write code, and flexible language to learn. In the present era, PHP has grown far away from other programming languages. In 2020, developers will found PHP with its new version and frameworks to beat the other competitor’s platforms. PHP would play a crucial role in web app development in the upcoming years.

What is Laravel? Why choose the Laravel framework for web app development?

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks for website development. The best part of the Laravel framework is providing an MVC Model, View, and a Control-based architectural pattern along with expressive syntax. Laravel community is so responsive that since version 5 launched and they accepted the developer’s feedback. I also submitted amendments in the following framework update. And Version 6 introducing Semver, which means Semantic Versioning that any time a new backward-compatible feature gets added to the framework.

Laravel framework features to use

Enterprise-level websites are highly recommended to develop using the Laravel framework. There are multiple benefits to use PHPs’ Laravel framework like security.

In-Built authentication and authorization function

The authentication library is useful in Laravel. Easy to install the library and get multifaceted data security of your web application. To secure the data, it requires a few artisan commands, and your application will provide secure authentication and permission.

Unit testing / Automatic testing

Laravel has created smooth testing for web applications while developing websites. There is built-in automated testing for code being developed in that unit testings have conducted. The changes will influence the carried part of the program only.

Templating engine

There is an inbuilt template in Laravel known as Blade Template Engine. It combines more than one templates with a data model to create resulting appearances. A set of control structures provides by Blades, such as conditional statements, and loops to map their PHP matches.

Multiple file system

Laravel supports cloud storage system as well as local storage. Amazon S3 and Rack space cloud storage are the supportive storage and easily switch from one storage option to another because the API remains the same for each system. One can use all three systems in one application to serve files from multiple locations like the distributed environment.

Why don't businesses select the Laravel framework for e-commerce website development?

Many businesses prefer to use a ready-made content management system for their online stores. These ready-made CMSs are WordPress and Drupal. Mostly, they spend the maximum amount on amendments for their online store instead of choosing the Laravel framework, which has similar features compared to ready-made CMSs. Laravel framework has e-Commerce packages Aimeos and Mage2.

An e-commerce website development is possible using the Laravel framework because it gathers all three features scalability, versatility, and self-supporting operation in one fold. An E-Commerce website can easily manage functionalities like inventories, products, payment gateways, security using the Laravel framework. The most advanced feature is to design your workflows, which makes a niche for future enhancement.

Hire PHP Laravel Developers

As per the developers’ view, the Laravel framework is the most sufficient for website development. Specially ERP systems are developing with the use of the Laravel framework. Laravel is the most demanding framework from PHP object-oriented programming language, which has recently upgraded new features and functionalities in both PHP as well as Laravel framework. Vidhema Laravel developers have expertise in all the types of website development, either e-Commerce websites or ERP systems, and we successfully achieved clients’ satisfactory feedbacks for their business growth by developing web apps from us.


Don’t underestimate the power of the Laravel framework. Any e-Commerce websites or online store web apps are as much as possible to develop using PHP’s Laravel framework. Laravel framework is a more capable, reliable, and secure website development platform using nowadays. Are you planning to start up your online store or any web app for your business? Just ask our Laravel Website Developers to hear your calls.

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