Most popular PHP frameworks: Which Should You Choose?<

Technology / September, 21 2020


PHP is the most popular scripting language for backend web development. One of the reasons why PHP has retained its position as the top server-side management language is its advanced frameworks. PHP frameworks are web-oriented, meaning that they help developers build web applications more productively.

In other words, they provide you with a base for the application which can be customized to match your requirements and needs.

Additionally, frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, and others are here to make your web development more efficient, improve scalability (adapting to the growing size of your application), guarantee stability and safety, and prevent repetitive code production.

Briefly: what is a PHP framework?

Before starting the PHP framework comparison, it is important to define frameworks and their advantages for web development or other programming areas.

A framework is a platform that aids in developing software applications. It’s a library of files containing all basic functions that help software developers in building programs. A framework contains all the basic functions, predefined classes, and the necessary functions in software development. PHP frameworks refer to pre-written collections of PHP code that you can use in your project immediately. It is usually the base of applications. Developers further enhance the features themselves, giving the project a unique look.

However, since there are so many PHP libraries to choose from, we aim to discuss the five best PHP frameworks to help you make your decision.

Which is the best PHP framework?

After understanding the significance of PHP frameworks, it becomes important to choose the right one. There are several options of popular, well-maintained frameworks that are considered ideal for web development projects. The answer is really subjective as what is best for you depends on what you are looking for. Let’s have a look at the options you have and you will probably know the one that is best suited for you.

1. Laravel PHP Framework:

Without a doubt, the Laravel framework is the most popular for PHP developers. Ahead of its pack, Laravel ranked as the 10th most popular web framework in 2020.

It offers a huge ecosystem that comes with instant hosting and deployment platform. Blade, the lightweight templating engine of Laravel, enables repeat tasks such as authentication, sessions, caching, queuing, and RESTful routing. Laravel is an open-source framework, capable of assisting in the production of both small and large PHP projects.

Why Laravel?


  • Advanced MVC architecture



  • Developer-friendly



  • Amazing ORM



  • Powerful query library


2. Symfony:

The PHP Symfony framework also provides pre-written code for PHP developers. It is highly-useful for large-scale projects, but the framework mostly targets people that have more programming experience. The components serve the purpose of completing diverse tasks such as for creation, the configuration of objects, authentication, routing, templating, and much more. These components are being used to power up projects such as Drupal, Laravel, PHPBB, Piwik, and ORO CRM.

Why Symfony?


  • Advanced features



  • Easy testing



  • Extensive community support



  • The deal for large-scale applications


3. Zend

Zend is an open-source framework that follows the explained MVC architecture. It will help you create a basic structure for your web application. The framework is a bit more challenging to learn when compared to Laravel.

Therefore, Zend is not as popular since developers have to put more effort to use it properly. Due to its complexity, Zend might not always offer the best performance, but developers mention it among the fast PHP frameworks. The scalable framework is ideal for complex websites as it offers a myriad of configuration options. However, it is one of the most difficult to learn.

Why Zend?


  • Lightweight component library



  • Simple learning curve



  • SEO friendly



  • Supports multilingual features


4. FuelPHP

FuelPHP framework is also an open-source library introduced in 2011. The creators of this framework want it to be community-driven, meaning that basically anyone can become a contributor. Anyone can report bugs or fix them as well.

The framework follows the HMVC model, which is similar to the regular MVC model. One of the differences is that the controller must choose the model before the view. Next on this list is FuelPHP, a modular, extendable, and flexible PHP framework. The full-stack framework supports the MVC pattern as well as its evolved version Hierarchical Model-View-Controller (HMVC). It is suitable for delivering end-to-end web solutions of diverse sizes and complexities.

Why FuelPHP?


  • Advanced authentication packages



  • Extremely fast



  • Enhanced security features



  • Built-in modular structure


5. Aura

Aura comprises a collection of library packages, each of which is usable independently in any codebase. This framework is relevant for developers who prefer to write codes without relying on a full-stack opinionated framework.

Why Aura?


  • Self-contained library



  • Extensive documentation



  • High flexibility



  • Swift Development



You will probably be armed with enough information to shortlist the best option in PHP frameworks for your needs. You can get connected with a PHP development specialist to get started with your application. OrangeMantra is an application development partner you can trust us we are renowned for our PHP expertise and experience.

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