Language Learning Mobile App Development Cost & Features

Technology / February, 21 2020


Learning a foreign language is a new trend nowadays. 2020 has been spent sitting at home, and it's an excellent time for those who want to learn something new and want to give time to themselves. There are so many companies or sites offering free courses in different areas; for learning a foreign language, there are some free apps or locations available in the market that provide free courses.

Recent generations have crazed to know the different cultures, and because of this craze, foreign language learning is in more demand. In this digital world, you can quickly learn it anywhere, any time on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop; you need an internet connection. Free learning apps help students across the world to get expertise in different languages. Because of the high demand for these apps, many business owners are looking forward to developing these language learning apps. In this blog, we are going to discuss language learning mobile app development cost & features. Let's have a look:

Important things to know before developing language learning apps: If you are thinking about creating a language learning app, you should have to know the correct process and some important things that help you make this process easy and understandable.

1. Vocabulary learning: There are translators available in the market, which helps to translate any language to understand quickly easily. Some language learning apps offer great features to users and easy monetization of words & phrases. Like Duolingo, Babbel & Busuu.

2. Well hearing: Give your user a chance to use speech comprehension with listening practice effectively.

3. Pronunciation check: Keep the pronunciation accessible so that the user can pronounce the word and learn it fast. These apps contain special features like speech recognition & pronunciation technology.

4. More & more practice: Do concern your language learning software development team to add accessible features so that users can share their knowledge, experience and practice the lesson with their friends.

5. Regular revision: Some apps remind their users to practice their skills. Learning a new language is not that easy; you need to practice it every day to get perfection. Apps like Duolingo remind their users to practice their work.

6. Include gamification: Learning different things sometimes come in boredom, and users quickly get bored. Include some games to keep engaged the users.

7. Increase encouragement: Add some extra features into your app, so when users make mistakes, they don't feel unconfident. Interesting features always attract users.

How to Develop an Excellent Language Learning App?

The most important part is how to develop a language learning app. It's a lengthy process that needs the latest technology with advanced features.

1. Make a perfect strategy: Before you can start making a plan about budget, process, tools, etc., it will help you make the most successful app.

2. Connect with experts: Take the help of experts, highly qualified teachers, native speakers; it will ensure the good working of the app without or fewer errors.

3. Attractive designing: Make the design of the app attractive because language learning is a tiresome procedure and if you have a lovely, easy-to-use interface, users will stay engaged with your app without getting bored.

4. App modularization: Some advanced set of technologies need to be modularized in a structure. And to develop a robust modular app, you need an extra budget to keep things advanced and easy to understand.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Language Learning App?

It all depends on the number of hours and efforts you want to spend. You can decide a rough estimate of it that depends on the following factors:


  • Basic and advanced features.



  • Platform to launch your app (iSO, Android, or both)



  • Location of an app development centre



  • Size of an app development team



  • Some hours I invested.


After considering all the above factors, the cost to develop a language learning app can be as high as you estimated. With convenient features, an application can cost around $10,000-$30,000 for a single platform. If you choose to develop on both platforms, it will cost approximately $50,000.

Top 10 Language Learning Apps

The best language learning apps that are widely used across the globe:

1. Voxy

2. Duolingo

3. Busuu

4. Wall Street English

5. Italki

6. Lingvist

7. Memrise

8. Babbel

9. Mango language

10. LinguaLeo

We hope you understand the language learning mobile app development cost & features. Now when you are aware of its price, features, and other factors, it's time to startinvesting time to develop these apps. Do share your views with us about this blog in the comments.

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