How To Choose The Best Social Media Channel For Your Business?

Technology / June, 29 2020


The dawn of the digital age brought in a new wave of business trends. Also, continuous advents in technology have brought the world closer. Statistically, the global social media penetration rate crossed 45% in 2019 already. The same source of Statista, also projected that 3.02 billion monthly active social media users would crowd the world by 2021. Now, if you have a knack for business and looking forward to increasing your customer base, these figures are significantly lucrative for you. Be it a startup or an MNC; the right social media channel can level up your business and turn around the tables in your profit.

This is high time for businesses around the world to harness the dynamic capabilities that different social media channels possess and use the same to reach out to their potential customer base in a better and engaging way. The days of TV commercials and print advertisements will soon become the talk of the past. What awaits in the future is that an effective and efficient social media strategy can improve SERPs, drive higher traffic on the website, and increase the client conversion rate.

Facebook and Instagram are among the most popular social media platforms that have surpassed over 1 billion active users every month. The other social media platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others are also evolving rapidly and spreading across the global population. If asked, the main reason behind this high tide of social media is the increased number of smartphone users and higher internet penetration ratio across the world. Currently, the number of smartphone users around the globe are hovering around 3.5 billion marks, out of which most of the users have social media accounts on almost all major channels.

The big question here is – how to choose the best social media channel for your business that can land you in the profit zone. Let’s have a look at some of the factors that can help you make the right decision-

Identify your target audience and their preferred social media channels

Yes! You need to start from the roots. It’s precisely what we call the ‘bottom-to-top’ approach. The first thing that you need to do is to identify the correct social media channels that your target audience uses. It will be a shot in the dark if you don’t thoroughly research your audience, and that may lead to crumple your social media marketing even before it begins. You must knock the right door where your next potential customer lives. If your customer base comprises more of C-suite and professionals, you should begin with LinkedIn, whereas if you are a product-based company and you need to showcase your product to your audience, Instagram and Facebook may come handier.

It isn’t a day job to find out the target clientele. Because as the time changes, so does the inclination and preferences of your target clientele. Continuous up-gradation is yet another thing that you need to take into consideration regarding your audience. Once you have tapped the right pool of audience, you can set right on the path that leads to business success. It is advised that you buckle up with experienced strategists and social media experts who can do the job precisely for you. Certainly, a team of 40+ seasoned marketers and social media experts at Biz4Group can ease up your work and help you set the sail.

Determine your social media strategy and define your goals

Once the target audience is identified, it’s better you jump onto the next step of defining your social media strategy and creating an effective plan. You can consider brand awareness, customer service, customer feedback, traffic generation for your website, client conversion, and a loyal community building as the goals of your social media goals.

Broadly stating there are two primary objectives of social media marketing i.e., Increase in brand awareness and increase in lead generation. While both go hand-in-hand but there is a slight difference in the approach that is followed for these goals. On the one hand, if you think of yourself as the black horse in the race, it’s advisable that you focus on creating brand awareness, but if you want to meet profit in short terms, try a strategy that focuses on lead generation.

Identify and assess your competition

Being the lone wolf and just another sheep in the flock are two very different things. Yes, at times, it’s said that you must jump the bandwagon if you want to cope up with changing times, but if you’re going to take a wise step, it’s better if you measure the depth of the lake before you jump. You must check if your competitors are active on what all social media channels, and if yes, how engaging they are with the audience.

If you are a service/product-based company that deals majorly in the B2B segment, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best social media platform that can help you reach out to your audience. Preferably your competitors may also be on the same platform. Then the competition can be won with the right content strategy and posing yourself as the standalone one in your industry segment. Take another example, that if you deal with B2C, Facebook and Instagram may be the right channels for you to beat your competition, of-course, with a smart strategy.

What’s your niche? What’s your Industry Vertical? Analyze the right social media channel for your business

As we have already discussed in brief that which social media platform can work better depending on your business type. It is further advised that you take expert opinion from social media marketing aficionados, like Vidhema, who can analyze your industry vertical and carve out the right niche in which your social media strategy can best fit, leading you to profitable business growth. If you are investing in social media, you must first identify the social media channel that can bring you more traffic.

It can be an attempt in vain for a surgical instrument manufacturing company to invest in platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, as their majority of client base can be hospitals, clinics, and medical institutions. Further, if you are working in the niche of the fashion industry, it’s better you keep yourself trending on Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, and Twitter. This isn’t an easy task to align the correct social media channels that can befit your industry vertical. Therefore, we suggest that the ideation process should be held up with experts who have already helped hundreds of companies to set their social media business trajectory.

Choose the right content for your social media channels and know what your audience likes

‘Content is the King’; this has been established on an online platform for a considerable time now. While most brands neglect this point, we want you to ponder over the fact that what kind of content you want to push on which social media platform. Because this is the hidden key that unlocks the fortune chest of business success. If something can be trending on LinkedIn, it isn’t necessary that the same content can float higher on Twitter and Instagram. You must understand the nature of the social media channel that you have taken up and create the most appropriate content that can reach out to your audience.

Content curation is also, altogether a different genre that needs special attention. You must understand the content before you share it with your audience. If you are more focused on thought leadership, event showcasing, webinars and infographics, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can serve as the best suitable platform for that. On the other hand, if you want to showcase your product photos or videos, Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok can be a better option, where users can view your product and opt-in for online purchase or decide to walk down to any nearby store to get the same. With IGTV support from Instagram and better video sharing facilities from YouTube, sharing videos and short ads have become the new buzz. Some of the most creative Video ads done by Vicks, Johnson & Johnson, are such examples of creating excellent brand awareness amongst customers by playing their emotional strings.

Managing multiple social media channels that can bring higher conversion and creating a better brand image

Have you seen a clown juggling balls in a circus? Managing various social media channels is an even more complex and delicate process. You need to multitask with adroit marketing abilities to push your product or services on different social media channels to reach the audiences in the best presentable way. It becomes integral that you create a unique experience for your users on each of the social media channels that you are using. There are specific points that can throw better light to the strategy, as – frequent and scheduled postings as per the occasion and celebration, every post across channels must serve your business purpose, the posts should be synchronized in a way that it gives a brand impression of a bigger and established enterprise, showcase the social deliverance of the organization, represent events of the company that show employee satisfaction and greater engagement in the company.

The Takeaway

All the points about choosing the right social media channel for your business are interrelated and intertwine with one another. You have to be careful at every step in the journey of establishing yourself on social media as a respectful brand. If you are looking for a right partner, who can pilot your brand on the social media platforms, you have hit the bull’s eye. We, at Vidhema, with our extensive expert team, ensure that we make you THE Brand, that you’ve been yearning for.

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