How To Increase Organic Traffic on Your Mobile App

Technology / June, 28 2020


Once you have done developing an app for your business and you are satisfied with it, now is the time to put the app into work and let it do its magic. But that’s not it. After you uploaded your app on the app store, people must be using it, and that’s where the trouble begins.

In most cases, the issue for the mobile app is that the download rate of your app is too low or null. The same thing happens with the developers once they publish their apps.

So, it becomes your duty to highlight your app and your business idea to the people to encourage them to download your app. Firstly, make them aware of your app and explain the easy mechanism and importance of your work.

To increase the download ratio and gain more organic traffic for your mobile app, you need to implement some strategies and use tactics you may not be using.

So, here we will learn about the four most effective strategies to gain more organic traffic for your app. But first, we need to know what organic traffic is and how the app store works.

What is organic traffic?

Organic Traffic is the term used to define the traffic/downloads on your app coming from an organic result of a search engine, apart from the paid ads. When a user enters a query in a search engine like Google, Bing, it presents a list of results from the web which, includes both paid ads and a set of organic results pages.

To improve your app’s app store ranking, you need to give attention to it. You may be familiar with the keyword SEO – Search Engine Optimization. There is a term called ASO – App Store Optimization same as SEO. Both methods lead to the same goal for different platforms which is increasing visibility for your app or website to higher its rank.

ASO is more impactful for apps in comparison to SEO is for search engine results ranking improvement. ASO specifically increases the visibility of your application in the app store and increases the rank of it. People are most likely to download your app once it is visible and attractive. And that’s how the app store works. Here are the seven most effective tips for increasing organic traffic for your mobile app.


  • Creating an attractive app icon and updating it regularly.


The first impression is the last impression. Just like that your app icon is the first impression of your business, work, service, company name, and reputation make sure it is enticing. An eye-catching app icon is what attracts the attention of the user.

The app icon should be as simple as possible. It should describe your company, your business with a simple touch up into a small image. Trying unique ideas is good but make sure you don’t make it more complex and uncertain.

With time updating your app icon with quite changes can be beneficial. You may have an extraordinary logo for your app which can help in increasing traffic then it’s worth giving it a try. Changes in the app icon increase curiosity into users and enforce them towards using it.


  • App Name and Description.


The app name will be the keyword representing your business globally. A good title means a better identity. Choosing a unique, and appropriate name can be useful. Your app name should be proper, short, and easy to remember.

App Store provides a 225 character limit space for the app name. So, choose one wisely and appropriately.

Your app description also should be very specific and to the point. Describing your app’s features, benefits, workflow, and important information in the description can be enough for the rest.


  • Using screenshots and videos


Screenshots are a part of the description, making it easier for the user to understand it properly. Choosing unnecessary splash screen screenshots to boast about your app is not suitable.

Instead of it, choose in-app working activity screenshots and features. Screenshots should be showing your most useful and popular features from the app. Screenshots are what change the mind of a user’s to download the app and use it. Choosing proper screenshots is necessary, or else it may impact badly on the traffic generating.

After deciding the screenshots put down some captions and explanations of what they show. Using different signs, you can easily drive focus on the features you are offering.

A simple video explaining the features and work-flow of your app can be very beneficial toward generating traffic. A graphical representation of your app and explanation about it can help users understand your app and change their minds positively.

If you can hire a company offering ASO- App Store Optimization Services, they can provide you with ASO services, including marketing services for your app.


  • Improve Rating and Ask For Review


Positive reviews make people sure about what they’re downloading is better and safe. People usually go for the reviews and ratings over the personal recommendations when it comes to downloading an app.

Nobody would like to download or subscribe to something which is of no use to anybody. Priority may vary between people to people but still review matters the most.

To grow more organic traffic, you can use your fan base for it. Ask your fan base or audience to give genuine reviews on the app store. Organic reviews help to get the appropriate traffic and feedbacks will help you improve your app.

You can also buy fake reviews to attract people and increase ratings. But it may price you suspending your app from the app store if they find out. So, it’s more reliable to not to use them.

Any of these options will be of great use in increasing organic traffic for your mobile app.


Generating traffic for your app may not be as simple as we think. But using these tips, you will see a difference and will get a step closer to your goal.

If you use these tips into your app marketing system, you will see an eternal boost in organic traffic and an increase in downloads for your app.

Still, if you are unsure about these tips and want to see the results for your app. Let’s discuss ideas for your app to increase organic traffic for your mobile apps. We at Vidhema, have experts in the field to serve our customers with everything we can to satisfy our customer’s needs.

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