Progressive Web Application – How PWA Impacts Online Business & RoI

Technology / March, 01 2020


In this fastly changing technology, most businesses coming online to establish their brand and maintain long-term customer relationships. Online consumer experience matters the most because now every person uses an online platform to solve their problems; if you build a robust online presence, it could be more beneficial to connect with a broader audience and increase ROI.

What is Progressive Web Application

PWA is an app builder known among web development companies and opens opportunities to provide your users' best mobile application experience. You can also call this application the hybrid between a web and mobile application. It can work on multiple platforms by providing some offline features.

Progressive web applications are easy to use, simple, and light texture. The challenge comes when using these applications because users have to download these apps from the play store and update them regularly. Following are the examples of popular PWAs:

● Uber

● Pinterest

● Twitter Lite

● Starbucks

● MakeMyTrip

● Spotify, etc.

Now you can get an idea about what PWAs are. Have a look at some characteristics of progressive web application:

● PWAs are highly responsive and can fit in any device like a tablet, mobile, and desktop.

● These applications come with independent connectivity; you can access them during low or no internet connectivity.

● These apps keep users data safe and secure.

● Users can use an excess of these applications from the home screen; you don't have to visit the app store to download them.

● These applications can also be useable directly from search engines, URLs.

● They also provide native apps like user experience.

Why Businesses Needs PWAs

Now users want a fast and perfect experience with any application. Progressive web applications help companies load their website fast, ensure a better user experience, and engage them. These applications bring a lot of benefits to companies such as:

● Mobile traffic increased by more than 60%

● Use of device storage reduces by 25 times.

● Average conversion rate increases by 50%.

Here are the key advantages of PWAs for your business. If the company is planning to come up with mobile app development, they should know about these advantages:

1. Low cost of development & maintenance: In PWA applications, there is no need to make different versions for various devices; a single progressive app will help fulfil the requirements. These applications are easy and straightforward to develop, so companies don't have to spend extra costs on these apps. Compare to native mobile apps, advanced web applications are more cost-effective.

2. Low data usages: Some features in PWA apps work on offline mode and don't need more data. Many companies are working to reduce the data usages of PWA applications.

3. Fast Installation: The installation process of advanced web applications is fast and straightforward; there is no complexity compare to regular mobile apps. It makes a better user experience; you don't have to visit the app store to download the apps; you can get them directly on your home screen.

4. Wide customer reach: PWAs support the use of applications on any device. Its fast speed and effective dataflow make amazing apps performance. Because of its higher customer reach, it also facilitates more lead conversion.

5. High security: Security is one of the essential things which every customer wants. Even Google has made the switch from HTTP to HTTPS (secure). PWA depends on HTTPS to minimize the risk of security issues.

How Progressive Web Applications Affect the Business?

Fast and safe applications delivered through the web has high demand and fits in the current market. PWAs bring higher customer satisfaction and lead to an increase in the return on investment of business with more lead conversion. Know you have a perfect idea about why companies are moving to build advanced web applications.


In coming years PWAs come up with more demand and have a bright future for these applications. This high technology reduces the loading time, boosts the conversion, and provides the benefit of fewer data uses. These applications will not replace mobile apps completely, but they can help businesses to achieve long-term goals. So this is all about how PWA impacts online business & ROI.

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