AngularJS Vs ReactJS: Quick Comparison

Technology / June, 08 2020


There are several tools available for single-page applications, making the choice of which technology to rely on is more challenging for web developers. In this blog, we will have a quick comparison between AngularJS Vs ReactJS to build dynamic web applications. It is best to partner with AngularJS development company or ReactJS development company to build the best web applications.

Considered one of the most popular frameworks, Angular is an open-source Model-View-Controller application that resembles JavaScript. Built by a community of Google developers, this system is used to build single-page applications, allowing to use HTML as base language and enhancing the syntax of HTML to clearly and succinctly articulate the components of an application.

As an all-encompassing framework with built-in tools for routing, state-management solutions, and form validation, AngularJS allows websites to render in a fast and efficient manner.

Benefits of Angular


  • Simplify both the development and the testing of such applications by providing a framework for client-side model–view–controller (MVC) and model–view–viewmodel (MVVM) architectures.


Dependency injection of features related to the components with modules and modularity in general.


  • Specifically aimed for project scalability.



Developed by Facebook and its community members, ReactJS was launched in 2013. It is based on Javascript and JSX. As an Open Source JS library, ReactJS is primarily used for building a dynamic user interface (UI) for Web applications with React components.

AngularJS Vs ReactJS Quick Similarities




This one is a leveler as both Angular and React use JavaScript, and as a result provide the same agility, flexibility and robustness


  • CSS3:


Both frameworks support CSS3 and afford more opportunities to code better for optimum results.


  • HTML5:


The depth of knowledge required for both frameworks is not the same; they have quite similar applications.




AngularJS is a full-fledged MVC framework providing opinions and functionality and helping get started quickly. This also helps to switch developers between teams easier and more practical.

When comparing Angularjs Vs Reactjs, ReactJS only provides the “View” in the MVC (Model View Controller). As a result, it isn’t as structured.




AngularJS has transformed from a framework to a platform providing easy use of its components with different frameworks. Additional functionality may be implemented in the form of components, so directives can extend the functionality of the existing component.




Testing is a daunting task for developers to critically determining the success of an application. However, when it comes to Angular, testing is relatively easy with its in-built functionality. Due to integrated dependency injection into a structure, testing components is relatively easy. Developers have the leverage to pass along the dependency for the components and stub them as they find comfort in.




Angular uses Real DOM to make changes in a single data structure, the entire tree is updated automatically which is helpful in some cases. As ReactJS uses Virtual DOM an abstract form of Real DOM, it allows developers to update changes that were initially performed by the end-users.


There is absolutely no doubt that both Angular and React are excellent choices for building robust and secure applications. While several different and conflicting opinions exist, everything boils down to project goals, business objectives and technical expertise.

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