What Kind Of App Development Do You Choose For Your Business?

Technology / April, 13 2020


Everything is computerized now. A machine language has the biggest priority in these days. If you know the computer system or how to operate programs, then you can presume comforting in each sector of businesses or jobs. Mobile apps and mobile web apps – the modern way to deal with business personas. For start-ups, mobile apps would be a good idea to implement and get your business in the market.

Netmarketshare shows worldwide use of mobile phones 70.00% Android, and 28.00% iPhone. Comparatively mobile phones are much in use rather than desktop applications. You’ll have the depth idea for selecting the right option for your business to go with an app or website application.

The convenient option of a mobile app or web app is to be chosen by yourself, but before that, you need to approach three various parts of development approaches. You can build your application one of the Native apps, mobile website apps, and hybrid applications.

Now the question arises that what is the difference between a mobile app and a mobile web app?

A program or software that you need to download from an app store in your smartphone is called a mobile app whereas a web app is an application that can access using a browser on your smartphone and a web app is not downloadable. Mobile apps can be native, that means an application is developed for a particular platform or mobile OS to run on like Android, iOS or other. There are cross-platform apps that have single code and run on any smartphone OSs.

Native apps

A native app is a single code application that is developing for a particular platform like Android, iOS, Windows built-in the coding language. For instance, you can use all the native features of a mobile device, like the camera, GPS, push notifications, and other features. An app is working offline is the core benefits for initial businesses if they are approaching native app development. Using native app performance makes a difference in speed and work efficiency. It could be expensive for a startup business to develop a native application.

Mobile Web App

Mobile web app can access using a device browser like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, which is enough to use service or product. Mobile Web App Development is profitable in case of cost of investment, whereas native apps required a platform to run on and payable. The mobile web app hosting and maintenance are quite easier when you’re dealing with a mobile web app. There is no language choice, so it’s easy to build without any limitations. JavaScript, HTML and CSS knowledge is required for building a mobile web app.

Mobile web apps fit for any platform and easily incorporate with the mobile market. No specific mobile phone or OS dependency required because accessive on any browser within a device. It is a mobile web app. So with that reason, no app icon found on your device. In the browser, you have to type a URL. Native features like GPS, push notifications can not be accessed here using a mobile web app.

What Kind of App Development do You Choose for Your Business? Native app, Mobile Web App or Hybrid App.

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid applications impersonate an attractive cross-platform option, which adjoins native mobile app vs mobile web development approaches. A hybrid application operates in a container through a framework. A hybrid application is more affordable than the native one as cross-platform apps can run on the single codebase for all platforms. The single codebase is easily maintained. Using cross-platform one can have smooth access to all the native features of a mobile device. React Native, Flutter, and Ionic are the Cross-platform development frameworks to create an app. It’s time for choosing cross-platform app development platform because it’s fast compared to other platforms.

Overview of all three types of apps

Any of the type of application you choose to develop is just the best fit for your business. A responsive website is another option which fits your budget in case if you’re a startup. Whatever you choose either Native App Development or Cross-platform App Development, it should personify your purpose for developing an app. It completely depends on the idea of what kind of business you’ve and your app needs to access the native features then you should go with native mobile apps. But if there is a website with responsive features works well and satisfy your client to get your services and product from then you can consider mobile web or mobile-optimized website.

Wrapping up,

Overall, all the types have benefits as well as drawbacks. But the right choice makes the difference between good or bad. Technology has various dimensions, and we need to focus on it to select the best fit for our business or work-related. The beginning of the article shares that “everything is computerized” and while reaching endpoint with extensive information about the three types of mobile apps. Don’t hesitate to get favor from Vidhema, we’re here to help you, and bring clarity for what is the best platform for you. Vidhema is known as the top mobile & web app development company in India & USA.

Happy Bussiness!!!

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